Sleeve "Hod" White Line

Training sleeve "Hod" (Hit On Demand) with White Line cover

The "Hod" sleeve (Hit On Demand)  has an open skeleton so that it can be held by the end handle and yet completely rotate out, thus making it an ideal too for teaching the dog to fight the helper by wrapping the stick side leg on the reattacks.

It features a padded soft loop so that it can be carried as a regular sleeve as well.

It also allows the helper full freedom to work on various striking techniques and offset presentations, greatly reducing risks of blockages and neck/back injury for the dog.

The difference between White Line covers and jute is mostly it's softness.
It is more comfortable for the dog than jute, it is therefore especially valuable for puppy foundation work, and for teaching hard striking techniques for young and adult dogs.
It is a bit more durable as well, we usually say it lasts about 15% more time that jute.
Another advantage is that it is not a 100% natural fiber like jute is, and so it doesn't suffer from being wet then dried as jute does, and requires less storage storage care.

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